How to Repair a Car Key Fob Case and Buttons

car key in ignition lock

Corsa Key Fob Repair

Key Fob Repair and Service starts at £35. For this we will refurbish your existing key fob, The Key Fob Service we offer includes:

  • New Soldered Buttons to Circuit Board
  • New Case and/or Rubber Buttons.
  • Circuit Board Clean
  • New Battery

Key fob buttons get worn with use and often tear. This exposes the soldered button (on the circuit board) inside the case. Through continual use, the button, which is soldered to the circuit board, will come loose affecting the key fob’s functionality.

You need the following pieces of equipment to service and repair a car key fob;

  1. A new outer case or new fob buttons.
  2. New Button Switches (which fix to the circuit board).
  3. A soldering iron and solder
  4. Electrical contact cleaner

Step 1

Dissemble the Key Fob. Remove the horse shoe key blade piece and open the remote case. Make a note of which way the battery is, and remove the battery and the circuit board.

Step 2

Locate the button switches on the circuit board. Heat up the solder contacts and carefully prise away the button/s from the board.

Step 3

Use solder wick to remove old solder from the button switch contacts.

Step 4

Clean the board with contact cleaner

Step 5

Solder the new button/s to the circuit board.

Step 5

Prise out the battery contacts from the old case and affix them into the new case (if a new case is being used. If you are only replacing the rubber buttons, this step is not required)

Step 6

Insert new round disc battery, taking care to ensure it is the right way up.

Step 7

Insert the circuit board, clip the case back together and attach the horse shoe key blade piece to the case.

Watch Video on How to Repair a Vauxhall Key Fob:


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