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Car Ignition Key Repairs

Your car ignition system is one of the most fundamental parts of your entire vehicle and could leave you stuck and stationary if it’s not working correctly.

Whatever problem you have with your ignition, the team at Ken’s Autos is here to help.

There are a whole host of reasons why a car ignition could not be working correctly, including:

  • Ignition failure
  • Damaged lock cylinder
  • Dead battery
  • Dirt or debris trapped in the mechanism
  • And much more

No matter what your situation, our team is vastly experienced in resolving all types of ignition problems. Not only can we supply you with new ignition car parts, but we’ll also fit them for you, providing an all-encompassing service that gives you peace of mind.

Door Lock Repairs

If your car door is jamming, won’t open or has become faulty in any way, it’s an issue you need to address. At Ken’s Autos, we can provide door lock repairs to vehicles of all types and any make or model, ensuring the safety of your car at all times.

It can be extremely exasperating if you’re struggling to open your car’s doors, and you’re unable to access your vehicle. Our car door lock repairs will get you back on the move as soon as possible, rectifying the problem and minimising your inconvenience.

For more information, get in touch with Ken’s Autos today. We can support customers in Nottingham, Derby and Mansfield.

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Car Ignition & Door Lock Repairs FAQs

What if my key is spinning in the ignition?

This will either be due to a worn key or a worn ignition barrel. In some vehicles, a common problem is that the ignition housing fails and needs replacement. Ford Transit ignition barrel is also a common fault. Ken’s Autos specialise in replacing and repairing ignition and door locks in Nottingham.

Can you change my ignition lock so it uses the same key as my doors?

When an ignition barrel has been replaced before, the ignition key is often different to the door key. Ken’s Autos can remove and retumble the lock so that the locks match again to one key. It’s a time consuming and sometimes expensive process, but we can do it.

What do I do if my car key snaps in the ignition?

If the key has snapped midway through the blade (as opposed to where it joins the remote), then we would need to remove and replace the ignition assembly and provide a new key. If the blade can be pulled out, then we can cut a replacement and/or refit it to the remote.

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