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Van Roof Bar Installation and Parts

Among the fantastic accessories we supply for vans are van roof bars. The leading suppliers of van roof racks and bars in Nottingham, Mansfield and Derby, we can provide you with a whole host of products from the industry’s highest quality manufacturers – including Van Guard roof bars.

If you use your van for commercial purposes or simply to collect large, bulky items or materials, it’s always good to have additional storage space in place. Sometimes, the back of a van isn’t enough, especially if what you’re transporting is larger than usual and doesn’t allow enough space.

We’ve all seen drivers with items sticking out of the back of vans or boots. While it sometimes is necessary, often it’s risky and could potentially be hazardous.

But with quality roof bars or roof racks installed, you can rest assured that you’ll be carrying out your journey in the safest possible way.

Van Roof Rack Installation in Nottingham

Van roof racks will be installed on the top of your van, providing a place for storage of items while you’re embarking on your journey.

There are a whole host of van roof bars available, and we’ll tailor our services specifically to the type of vehicle you drive, ensuring that you’re provided with the perfect product for you.

Plus, we’ll even install the roof bars on your behalf, so you can rest assured that it’s safe and secure on the roof of your van. For more information about what we do, get in touch with Ken’s Autos today.

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Van Roof Bars FAQs

How many roof bars do I need for a van?

This depends on what you’re carrying and the roof size. For example, if you have rolls or sheets that can sag you will probably want three bars. For small vans like Berlingo, Partner, Caddy and Connect, you can fit two bars whereas the big vans like Transit, Sprinter and Transporter will need three or four bars.

Are van roof bars lockable?

The roof bars on a van themselves are not locked, but theft of bars is not a common problem – the fitting brackets are fixed from the inside. Rhino Safe Clamps for ladders have a lock for securing ladders as do Rhino Pipe and tube carriers.

Are van roof bars noisy?

Rhino roof bars have an aerodynamic bar profile which keeps noise down and fuel economy up. Due to the roof designs, some vans like the Vito have an additional aerofoil fin fitted to the front bar to further reduce noise.

Will you need to drill holes in the roof of my van?

No, the van roof bars will be fitted to the manufacturer’s mounting points and there is no need to drill holes in the roof.

What’s the difference between a roof rack and roof bars?

Van Roof bars are two, three or four separate bars spaced out across the roof. Roof racks have raised sides, more support and are good for storing boards or sheets. Plus, they can also carry pipe carriers and ladders. The roof racks have a built-in roller on the back sliding things on and off easily.

Rhino Vs VanGuard UltiBars - what’s the best brand of commercial roof bars?

Rhino and Ultibar (by Vanguard) are the two most recognised brands for van roof bars. Ken’s Autos have been distributors for Rhino Roof bars for over 20 years and they’re still our preferred brand today. In our experience there are three things to consider when comparing brands:

Price – putting in the hours online will often bear fruit and get you the cheapest deal, but it’s a job in itself. Ken’s Autos won’t always be the cheapest, but we hope that our expertise, service and fitting service will keep us in the running.

Load Capacity – UltiBars are quoted as 80kg per bar and Rhino Delta Bars are 50kg per bar. For heavier carriers, Rhino’s Aluminium bars go to 75Kg per bar. Not many users will get close to these weights. If you do carry heavy loads, then go with the Rhino Aluminium Kammbar, but check your vehicle roof capacity also as this is normally the limiting factor.

Accessories – this is where we believe Rhino outclass the competition – load stops, ladder clamps, rollers and pipe carriers are top-notch. Only Rhino’s Safe Clamp will effectively clamp three section ladders and Rhino’s Safe Stow system for ladder storage is second to none.

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