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Dash cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many drivers having them installed in their vehicles. Having a second pair of eyes that can also record what’s going on out on the road is a great way of protecting you in the unfortunate event that you’re involved in a collision or accident.  

This is because a dashboard camera will constantly record the road in front of you, proving who is to blame if an accident does occur. This means you’re protected from blame if you’re hit when it isn’t your fault, providing evidence for both the authorities and insurance companies.  

The team at Ken’s Autos can supply dash cameras for the front and rear of your vehicle, meaning your car is fully covered from every angle. Not only will we provide you with a quality car dash camera, but we’ll fit it too to ensure it’s fully calibrated and working correctly before you set off.  

If you’re looking for a dash camera for your vehicle, Ken’s Autos is here to help. Supporting customers from Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and the surrounding areas, contact our team today to find out more. 

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Dash Cameras FAQs

What are the different features on dash cams?

There are a number of different features on dash cams. These include:

Parking Mode – this comes standard on all our Halo dash cams. Even if the car is turned off and parked, the camera will automatically start recording if it senses movement or vibrations. It’s great for vandalism and street parking.

Storage- all Halo cams support Micro SD cards up to 128GB.

View angle – don’t be fooled into thinking the bigger the angle the better the camera – the quality of the camera is always more important. All Halo cams come with at least a 130 degree view which will cover the main area.

GPS data – more expensive models record GPS location to track where an incident happened.

Driver Performance- high spec models, like the Halo Ultra, will provide data on speed and braking.

Wifi – most decent cams like Halo and Nextbase will have the ability to wirelessly download data to the phone’s app.

What are the best brands of dash cameras?

Over the years, Ken’s has fitted many different types of dash cams, from the expensive reputable brands to the cheaper Amazon brands. The Halo branded cameras by Road Angel are our preferred choice. It’s wiser to invest in a recognised brand like Halo, Nextbase or Garmin – most people buy a camera to record a one-off accident and if you fail in capturing it due to poor resolution or a dodgy app, then it defeats the point of having one installed.

What is the difference between 2k and 4k dash cams?

Our entry-level Halo Go dash cam is 1080 2k and is more than adequate for most applications. If you want the best picture quality, or you want to record vandalism, then the Halo Drive (2k 1440p) or Halo Ultra 4k will provide better facial recognition and zoom capability. Beware of cheaper products claiming to be 4k but actually recording in 2k and playing back a resized version of 2k to make it look like a 4k video.

How do car dash cameras work?

Firstly, dash cams don’t always mount to your car’s dashboard – they’re now more inconspicuous and attach at the top of the windscreen. Most dash cameras are purely cameras and don’t have screens to view the footage. To view recordings, you would need to use an app. While driving, the dash cameras continuously record footage onto an SD card. When the SD card is full it will erase itself and start again. When there’s an accident, the camera will sense the vibrations, automatically save the recorded footage and protect it from being erased.

Is there such a thing as a recording dash cam and reversing camera in one?

Yes – the Halo View has a reverse camera which can be wired to a rear view interior mirror which doubles up as a monitor when reversing. It’s an awesome piece of kit, and really good for vans and motorhomes which want security together with rear visibility.

Should I pay someone to fit my dash cam?

You can buy a cheap dash cam from eBay or Amazon and simply connect the 12v plug into the car’s cigarette lighter socket and it will do the job. But, there are two issues with this:

Untidy wires – At Ken’s, we know which trims to remove and where to run and hide wires in your car. Dash cam wires often need to run around the windscreens and through the floor side trims.

Hardwired – dash cams come with a plug to fit into the 12v socket but this can get in the way and a tidier approach is to hard wire the dash cam to the fuse box. At Ken’s, we will run the wires to the correct fuse and make everything hidden and properly connected.

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