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For van drivers, one of the biggest concerns is undoubtedly the security of the vehicle.

Regularly transporting tools, expensive equipment and high-value goods, it’s vital that your vehicle has van locks installed that are robust and keep the inside of your vehicle safe.

If your van security locks have become damaged or faulty, then the entire contents of your vehicle could be compromised – so it’s important the issue is addressed as soon as possible.

Van Lock Fitting in Nottingham

The best way to do this is to pay a visit to Ken’s Autos. Here, our team regularly supplies all manner of van door locks for vehicles of all makes and models.

While we will always align our products specifically to your vehicle, our goal always remains the same – to keep your van safe and secure.

We’ll always ensure that van locks are fitted to the highest possible quality, and unlike some retailers in the industry we can professionally install them on your behalf to guarantee they’re working properly. This means you can drive away with peace of mind that your van has been secured to the highest standard.

From our workshop in Nottingham, we’re home to a wide range of van security locks, and regularly enhance the vehicles of customers from the city as well as Derby and Mansfield. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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Van Locks FAQs

Do you fit van locks in Nottingham?

Yes, Ken’s Autos fit van locks and other van security products at our Bulwell branch in Nottingham.

Do you come out and fit van locks?

No, we fit locks to vans in our workshop.

What are the popular types of van locks available?

The two most common types of van lock are deadlock and slamlock.

What is the difference between a slam lock and a dead lock?

A slam lock will automatically lock as soon as the door closes. A deadlock requires the key to be turned in order to lock it.

Which is the best type of van lock?

If you are in and out of your van regularly and park in streets or exposed sites then the slam lock is recommended. Courier vans for example will usually have slamlocks. If you are more worried about security for longer periods, e.g. overnight at your home, then the deadlock will be better. Some people combine a slamlock for the side doors and a deadlock for the rear door.

Will the lock be integrated with my existing door locks?

Slamlocks are integrated to your existing door lock mechanism. Deadlocks will work alongside the existing locks. Deadlocks, therefore, provide an additional layer of security to your existing lock mechanism.

Will the van locks work with central locking?

No – the locks will require a key to open.

Should I change the door lock on my Ford Transit?

Ford Transits are known to have weak door locks which are easy to break into. Ken’s Autos specialise in upgrading the Ford Transit door lock to a high-security barrel and bezel which will prevent break ins while still maintaining the original look and key. The locks are suitable for Hybrid and Electric Transits.

How many keys will I get with my upgraded van locks?

You will get three keys.

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