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Towbars Range

For many motorists, towbars are an important part of their vehicle, because they allow cars and vans to tow a number of things behind the main vehicle. Trailers, caravans and bicycle carriers are all popular things that can be attached to towbars, and it’s important they’re kept in good working order.

If your towbar becomes damaged or is coming to the end of its life, it’s important to get it replaced. At Ken’s Autos, we provide our customers with all kinds of car parts including towbars.

Towbar Installation in Nottingham, Mansfield & Derby

Depending on what you’re towing, a different towbar will be required.

We can supply our customers with a wide range of towbars, ensuring you’re provided with a type that perfectly meets your requirements.

Whether you want towbars that are permanently fitted to your car or detachable options that you can use at your leisure, our range includes:

If you’re based in Mansfield, Derby, Nottingham or the surrounding areas such as Newark or Grantham, and require fitted towbars or towbars of any other type, get in touch with Ken’s Autos today.

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Towbars FAQs

Will the towbar interfere with my parking sensors?

Fixed towbars can impact parking sensors. The sensors will see the towbar as an obstruction and beep whenever the car reverses. It doesn’t happen on all cars, but unfortunately there isn’t a definitive list to tell us when it will. We would recommend having a detachable towbar if you have reversing sensors fitted or speak to us for further advice.

Will a towbar invalidate my car’s warranty?

No, providing you fit a type approved towbar your warranty should not be affected. All towbars fitted at Ken’s Autos are type approved.

What is my towing capacity?

The towbar is engineered to exceed the vehicle’s towing capacity, so the towing limit is not set by the towbar but by the vehicle. Check the towing capacity of your vehicle, you can usually find this in the handbook. Towing capacity is defined by noseweight and how much is bearing down on the towball. See our blog article on noseweight to learn more.

What guarantee will I get?

The towbar frame and metalwork all carry a lifetime guarantee. Our towbar electrics are guaranteed for one year.

Will my bumper need to be cut?

The detachable towbars lock into place vertically, so most vehicles need a rectangular section cutting from the underside of the bumper. For the vast majority of cars this is not visible unless you look from under the car.

Can I fit a towbar to a lease car?

Most lease companies have no issue with fitting a towbar, and we fit many towbars to lease or contract hire vehicles. Nevertheless, we still advise that you contact your leasing company beforehand to make sure.

How long will you need the car for?

We will need your vehicle for half a day. If you have a morning booking, it will usually be ready by 1pm and if you have an afternoon booking, it will be ready by 5pm.

Why don’t you offer mobile fitting?

Bumpers, screws and bolts all need to be removed when fitting a towbar, and our workshop is the preferred place to keep everything safe and protected. We are continually investing in new equipment, and fitting at our premises means we are not limited by space. We’ve fitted towbars at the same site for over 30 years, so in the unlikely event there is a problem with your towbar, you will always know where to find us.

How much does it cost to remove a towbar?

The process of removing a towbar from a vehicle is similar to that of the fitting. The bumper, bolts and fastening plates all need to be taken off. Depending on the vehicle, the price will range from £175-£250.

Will you fit my own towbar?

If you have your own new towbar and need it fitting in Nottingham, Ken’s Autos can do it. We do not fit used or second-hand towbars – the towbar must be brand new, with the associated fixings and bolts. Call us for more information.

Can I tow with my electric car?

You need to check with us but yes, many EVs are approved for towing and Ken’s Auto is fitting more and more towbars to electric vehicles. Recent jobs include the BMW IX3, MG ZS, Ford Mustang and Vauxhall Corsa.

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