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Roof Bars for Cars

Roof bars, also known as roof racks, are incredibly commonplace on modern vehicles. When fitted to the top of a car, van or any other type of vehicle, roof bars provide you with additional storage space. Ideal for regular campers, cyclists or just if you have a large amount of belongings that don’t fit in your boot space, roof racks are extremely versatile.

The roof racks that Ken’s Autos supplies are incredibly easy to use and mount on your vehicle. Our team always takes a customer-focused approach to everyone we work with, ensuring we tailor all of our products to the type of vehicle you’re driving. The same goes for roof bars. We’ll ensure that your vehicle is fitted with roof bars that are the right size, and suitable for any storage units you’re intending on placing on top.

Not only does our team supply roof racks for cars, but we can also fit them for you – ensuring it’s installed to a professional level and giving you peace of mind that everything is working correctly.

If you’re based in Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield or the surrounding areas and are looking for car roof racks, contact Ken’s Autos today.

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Roof Bars FAQs

Do you fit car roof bars in Nottingham?

Yes, we can fit roof bars to most vehicles from our branch in Nottingham.

Why do some cars have different shaped roof bars?

Roof bars generally fit to set points on the vehicle, but depending on budget there are upgrade options available which provide aesthetic and aerodynamic improvements. There is the standard square bar and the wing or fintail bars. Standard wing bars are straight, and Wingbar Edge bars curve down to the roof at the edges. The premium brand of roof bars is Thule, but for people on a budget or occasional use, there are many other brands which will do the job fine.

What are universal roof bars?

The type of roof bars required depends on the car’s roof. Many vehicle roofs have side rails running down each side of the car. If this is the case, you can buy roof bars that fit onto the rails. You need to measure the width between the rails on the roof and ensure the roof bars are wide enough. Also, check if your rails are flush or raised. This is because there are different roof bars for each type. For example with flush rails, there is no space to slide your hand but in raised rails there is a gap between the rail and roof.

What if my car doesn’t have roof side rails?

If this is the case, you will need to buy a roof rack kit which is specific to the vehicle. As well as the bars, there will be a fitting kit which will have all the fixings and brackets that fit to specific points on the car.

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