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Parking Sensors Range

At Ken’s Autos, we’re specialists in all kinds of car parts and auto spares – including parking sensors.

Working throughout Nottingham, Mansfield and Derby, we know how annoying and stressful it can be if any part of your vehicle becomes damaged.

These days, almost all cars come with some kind of reversing sensors in place. Designed to detect obstacles around your vehicle as you’re parking your car, rear parking sensors – as well as sensors around the entirety of a car – can ensure that you don’t collide with anything while parking.

Many drivers now rely on these sensors, so if they become damaged or faulty it’s important they’re repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Parking Sensor Repair and Fitting

At our workshop, we have a plethora of spare parts for parking sensors and, as well as supplying our customers with all kinds of sensors, we’ll fit them for you too.

If you want your new parking sensors fitted, our team will tailor the service specifically to your vehicle, applying them to your car so you can drive away safe in the knowledge that everything is working as it should be.

This will include providing parking sensors in colours that match your vehicle.

If you need a parking sensor kit or any kind of parts to fix or enhance your parking sensors, contact Ken’s Autos today.

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Parking Sensors FAQs

Which are the best aftermarket reverse sensors?

There are two designs of reversing sensors available. Firstly, there is the less expensive but more common mushroom design sensor where there is a slight protruding edge which sits proud of the bumper surface when mounted. The other is the OEM style sensors which are flush fitting and match the look of factory fitted, original sensors.

Will the sensors match the colour of my car?

Yes – If you choose to have colour-matched sensors, we will match the colour of the sensors to the vehicle bodywork as close as we can.

How many sensors will there be?

There will be four reverse sensors.

Where will the parking sensors be positioned?

The sensors will usually fit to the same position as they would be if the car had parking sensors from new.

Do you fit front parking sensors?

Ken’s Autos can fit front parking sensors to most vehicles. Many vehicles can now be fitted with a special Canbus box which allows the sensors to come on and off automatically. If Canbus is not an option, the front sensors will be activated by a special switch which has to be fitted inside the car; when you want front sensors to assist in parking just flick the switch and feel the beeps.

How do automatic front parking sensors work?

A special box is wired into the vehicle’s Canbus circuit (Canbus is the name of the circuit that communicates to the vehicle’s computer or ECU). When the car speed is lower than 6mph and there is an obstruction in front, the sensors will automatically start to beep (shorter intervals as obstacles get closer). When the speed exceeds 6mph the sensors will not be active.

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