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Car Fob Repairs Service

If your car’s access system operates using a fob rather than a key, it’s important that it’s in good working order. If a fob becomes damaged, you may not be able to open your car’s doors or start the ignition.

Losing access to your vehicle can severely disrupt your day, which is why the team at Ken’s Autos provides a leading car fob repair service that ensures our customers are back behind the wheel as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, fobs also play an important role in your vehicle’s alarm system, which is why we provide car alarm fob repairs, too.

With over 45 years of industry know-how behind them, our team will be able to assess your situation, diagnose the problem and carry out the appropriate repairs.

Our team’s years of expertise and unrivalled knowledge, combined with state-of-the-art key cutting technology and equipment, means that we can provide top-of-the-line car fob repairs to every type of vehicle. Operating throughout Mansfield, Derby and Nottingham, get in touch with Ken’s Autos today to find out more.

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Car Fob Repairs FAQs

What if my car remote is still not working after changing the battery?

Ken’s Autos provide a free car key remote testing service where we can check to see if your remote is giving out a signal (in the UK this should be a 433MHz frequency). This is the first thing to check if you have problems with central locking. Note that a flat remote battery will have nothing to do with the vehicle not starting.

Can you replace the buttons on my key fob?

Ken’s Autos can refurbish your car key remote. Sometimes it’s the rubber button covers that have worn, but often one of the buttons stops working because it has a poor connection to the circuit board. In this case, we would solder a new button and provide a new case if needed.

How do I change a battery which is soldered to the circuit board?

These rechargeable batteries (coin-shaped) look similar to normal coin batteries, but are hardwired to the circuit board and must be desoldered and rewired.

My remote is sealed and I can’t see a way to get to the battery?

Some newer car remotes are sealed and the battery inside is the hardwired rechargeable type, soldered to the circuit board, and not easy to change. At Ken’s Autos, we can cut entry into the remote, desolder and replace. The case will either be resealed or replaced with a new one.

What are the different types of car keys?

1. Chipless/Plain Key – no immobiliser chip – only found on vintage or very old cars.
Immobiliser/chip key with a separate alarm/central locking fob – the key has a small chip inside that pairs up to the vehicle ignition before the car can be started. The separate fob is only for central locking and/or alarm. This is a common setup for older Japanese and Korean cars.

2. Key Remote – the key and central locking remote is all in one case. Sometimes the key flips out (eg Volkswagen) but the springs break and need repair. The circuit board will operate the locking and the immobiliser chip will either be mounted separately or soldered onto the board. If the chip is lost or falls out (as it can while changing the battery) the car will not start.

3. Keyless Remote – uses proximity sensor technology. There is always an emergency key in these which can be used to open the car if the central locking stops working. These can stop working if the car battery is flat. Keyless remotes sometimes need to be slotted into a type of ignition to work.

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