How to Open Sealed New Vauxhall Flip Key Remote Fob

A car key being cut

How to Open Sealed New Vauxhall Flip Key Remote Fob

In our latest Youtube Video, we demonstrate how we remove the circuit board out of a sealed / glued flip key remote.

The new vauxhall flip key remotes are sealed/ glued shut and used on many of the new vauxhall/opel cars like zafira, astra, corsa, insignia, meriva and vectras. It’s common that the hinge base part of the key blade breaks or snaps.

The result is that a new case is required. To save time and money, instead of reprogramming a new remote, you can use your existing circuit board and transfer it into a new case which are cheap to buy on ebay (unlike the original sealed remotes, the new cases are designed so that they can be opened up).


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