Snooper Ventura PB80 Power Bank with Jump Start Review

Snooper ventura PB80 power bank

Snooper Ventura PB80 Power Bank with Jump Start Review

We have tested and reviewed this product ourselves.

It is a convenient small package that can easily fit in the boot of a car or even a large glove box. It comes nicely packaged in a sealed film wrapped box and looks attractive.

The unit is charged via a mains adapter or a 12v cigar lighter plug. there is a charge level indicator LED that informs you of it’s state. Once fully charged it will be useful as a charging or power source for any USB compatible device such as mobile phones or sat navs or tablets. It has one USB output and will recharge such devices multiple times over before needing a recharge. So if you are away from a mains power source for a weekend I would suggest this unit will suffice to provide mobile phone / tablet power for the duration of your trip.

Also, there is a convenient and bright LED torch that can provide light if necessary or act as a light.

This unit will also Jump Start a vehicle if your battery is flat. The max output is 200 amp and we have tried this on several vehicles with the battery disconnected. It will happily start 90% of all petrol vehicles several times. It will also jump start diesel vehicles. We have concluded that it will start diesels up to 2000 cc but struggles on bigger diesel engines.

We are selling this unit for £79.99 and believe this is very good value for this product and that it is a worthwhile purchase and makes an ideal gift.



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