Why Has My Car Key Fob Stopped Working?

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Why Has My Car Key Fob Stopped Working?

A broken car key fob often spells disaster for motorists, as it can be extremely disruptive and cause drivers to lose access to their primary mode of transport.

Car key fobs can stop working for a wide range of reasons, and in this article, the team here at Ken’s Autos will take a closer look at some of the common reasons why this occurs, as well as outline when you need a car fob replacement.

Common reasons why car key fobs stop working 

Gone are the days when cars would need a key to be inserted and turned in the ignition to get them to start. These days, most car engines are started by a remote fob that is triggered with just a touch of a button.

While this more modern approach has clear benefits in terms of its convenience and ease of use, over time car key fobs can become broken or stop working.

Let’s take a look at the top five most common reasons why this happens.

1. The car key fob has a dead battery

Perhaps the most common reason a car key fob stops working is as a result of a dead battery. Typically, a car key battery will last around two to three years but this tends to vary depending on the manufacturer.

If your fob simply has a flat battery, it’s fairly easy to organise a car fob battery replacement yourself. Simply open up the fob, see what size and type of battery you need and replace it with the appropriate kind.

However, if the fob is still not working following a battery change, it suggests there is a more serious fault.

2. The car fob circuit board needs reprogramming

Sometimes, your car and the car fob may become disconnected. This can happen for several reasons including if you’ve recently changed batteries, the batteries are running low or for no apparent reason.

This can be a fairly straightforward fix, as your car manual should come with instructions on how to reprogram the fob’s circuit board to synchronise it with the vehicle. However, if this does not work you may need to consult an auto locksmith and ask for car key programming services.

3. The car fob has damaged buttons

It’s likely that you’ll be handling your car key fob on a fairly regular basis. This makes wear and tear and damage more likely to occur.

Due to how regularly they’re pressed, it’s normal for the car fob’s buttons to become damaged, meaning they may not work when pressed. In these instances, a car fob replacement is the most likely solution.

Your local auto locksmith will offer a car key cutting service that will provide you with a new fob.

4. The flip key is broken

Likewise, if you have a flip key, these can also sometimes become broken. Again, a replacement is the best course of action in this situation.

5. The car key is stuck in the ignition

While many new cars do not require a physical key to be put in the ignition, there are still lots of drivers on the road who do use them.

If your car key has become stuck or snapped in the ignition, a new key will always be required and you’ll need to call upon the services of a professional auto locksmith to both replace it and remove the old key from the ignition.

Where can I get my car key fob repaired?

If you need car key repairs, you will likely need the assistance of a professional auto locksmith.

At Ken’s Autos, we provide leading car fob repairs to customers throughout Nottingham, Mansfield and Derby, as well as a number of other car key and lock services such as key cutting, programming, ignition repairs and much more

For more information or to book an appointment for your vehicle, get in touch with our team today.


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